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An introduction to our panelling

Due to the bespoke nature of these products we publish little in the way of literature, other than the examples of installations illustrated on our website, preferring to discuss individual requirements with customers on a site visit. By way of introduction, however, we offer two types of panelling, both replica oak, both traditional in style:

  • Burnsall panelling (rectangular, plain, cast from 17th century originals)
  • Linenfold panelling (traditional, hand-carved)

All our products are manufactured at these premises in a moulded resin-based material and achieve an appearance, sound and touch that is virtually indistinguishable from genuine antique panelling, as will be confirmed when you inspect samples etc. Our panelling is cast in the main from 300+ year old hand-made and time-worn originals, and is made specifically for customers who seek antique oak panelling but cannot find the genuine article, or a truly convincing reproduction, and for whom the crisp symmetry of new (mostly machine-made) solid oak or veneer will not suffice.

In addition, we are happy to offer the following assistance:

  • Stage 1 - provide a rough estimate of cost upon receipt of room dimensions/sketches, (based on your proposed requirements) - see below
  • Stage 2 - if appropriate, arrange a site visit to discuss designs and view samples, confirm dimensions etc (for which a modest charge is levied, fully refunded with order)
  • Stage 3 - prepare scale layout drawings and quotation (fully fitted or supply only)

All our products are hand-finished to order, so we are able to supply in a variety of wood or paint finishes to suit customer requirements. Joinery such as cupboards, bookshelves, hidden doors etc may be incorporated also, along with bespoke matching fire surrounds etc.

If you would like us to help further, please forward a rough sketch of the room (plan view and each elevation) along with dimensions (metric) and notes of what you envisage, together with a rough idea of budget, when we'd be pleased to offer some estimates of cost, as a first stage. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department on 01535 663274 with further queries.

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