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Technical Information

When choosing decorative oak beams, it is advisable to consider the detail and authenticity, the size & weight, the finishes available, and most importantly, the cost of installation.


We have been manufacturing reproduction oak beams for 50 years, and during that time we have developed a wealth of experience. We can claim with some confidence that our products have never been bettered in terms of quality and convenience, being virtually indistinguishable from genuine old oak beams.

Our beams are cast directly from oak in a light-weight, resin-based material, specially developed for the purpose, accurately reproducing all the beautiful natural characteristics of the original. Hand-staining to customer requirement completes the authentic appearance.

Being a fraction of the weight of wood (our largest beam, The Great Beam, (ref. T23) weighs less than 30kgs, despite being approximately 6.3m long), they are quick and easy to fit, so installation costs are low compared to other methods and materials.

Specialist skills are not required, as the product arrives fully finished and ready to fit, and fitting is well within the capabilities of a DIY enthusiast or local tradesman, requiring only nails/screws and adhesive. Once fitted, no further maintenance is required.


Real oak or wood

  • Wood, especially oak, is heavy (whether solid, hollowed-out or planked), usually requiring costly and messy structural work to support it
  • Wood absorbs and gives off moisture, so will usually crack and twist when exposed to a centrally heated atmosphere, whereas our products are unaffected by moisture, and guaranteed not to distort
  • If softwood is used, the effect can lack the authentic traditional appearance which was the objective in the first place, and fail the crucial close-scrutiny test


  • Some sculpted-plaster beams can look realistic, but most are created and stained in-situ by specialists, which can be messy, inconvenient and expensive
  • Due to their fragility, sculpted-plaster beams are susceptible to damage in transit, and in situ. Whilst light in weight, our beams are strong and resilient, and can be delivered anywhere in the UK/World