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Welcome to the Oakleaf UK business opportunity.

Oakleaf is a family-run manufacturing business, established in 1969, producing a wide range of high quality decorative period mouldings.

Having recognised the importance of providing customers throughout the country with easy access to its niche products and services, most importantly to allow close inspection in order that the quality achieved might be appreciated first-hand (being a resin-based material), the company identified franchise owners as the most effective resource to achieve this objective (being owner-operators, like itself, and able to deliver the level of personal service required) and the franchise was launched in October 2001 at the National Franchise Exhibition in Birmingham.

2013 saw the launch of a new opportunity, requiring only part-time involvement, in response to the growing number of enquiries seeking such. Designed for those who have concluded their full-time careers and who seek an interesting and enjoyable llife-style business, to provide direction and purpose within their newly acquired freedom, the opportunity represents an attractive return on initial investment and an on-going income.

Key product applications:

  • decorative 'oak' beams
  • 'oak' RSJ covers
  • (rot proof) mock-tudor exteriors
  • period panelled rooms
  • pub and hotel traditional interiors

Complementing the company's established manufacturing capability, franchise owners fulfil the role of marketing and sales representatives in their areas, providing enquiries (commercial and domestic) with a local service, including sampling, design, supply and organisation of installation.

This opportunity should be of particular interest to family partnerships, who wish to work together to set up their own 'family business', the key roles being allocated/shared according to their individual skills. In the company-owned franchise, the wife handles the admin/management, marketing and sales roles, the husband the installation, with site visits and local show attendance being shared, and enjoyed, by both!

“Breaking the secret”

“I am delighted with the progress I have made so far, and I look forward with confidence to the challenges of handling a considerably larger territory, with the continued excellent support from Oakleaf”. Steve Willis, Oakleaf (Cumbria)

The successful business model has been evolving constantly since launch, and experience has demonstrated the importance of continually promoting the Oakleaf brand locally, in particular, generating the awareness so crucial to sales. Whilst training is provided, along with many of the marketing and sales promotion ‘tools’ and ideas, franchise owners need to have the energy, enthusiasm and ability to ‘work’ their region effectively, and thus develop their business.

“Seeing is believing”

“The fact that Oakleaf products are unique and of the highest quality is acknowledged, but without the effort we have invested in local awareness, customers would simply not know that such beautiful products were available. Once introduced they regularly return for more”. Amanda Feather, Oakleaf (Bradford)

The variety and quality of Oakleaf products is unsurpassed. The range comprises an enormous variety of decorative mouldings, the most popular being reproduction oak beams and replica antique oak wall panelling, each piece a convincing replica of an ancient oak original, all made and finished by hand in the Yorkshire factory. In order that they might appreciate the quality and authenticity of Oakleaf products first-hand, the key objective is to allow customers throughout the UK to inspect samples and discuss designs in the comfort of their own homes, through the service offered by the local franchise owner.

The Franchise Package

The franchise offers attractive benefits to a prospective franchise owner, in addition to those normally associated with franchising, including:

  • unique product range, with little effective competition
  • interesting niche market opportunity, compared to those usually associated with franchising
  • franchisor operates as a family business
  • home-based, low-cost business, no stock or showroom required
  • attractive income, high margins

In addition to the above, the following comprise the key components of the start-up pack provided to every new franchise owner:

  • Clearly defined territory
  • Substantial discount from published price list
  • Comprehensive training
  • Display allowance
  • Product samples and sales literature
  • Historical sales leads
  • Business stationery and branding
  • Access to exhibition trailer

“We are looking for candidates who share our belief in the quality and application of the products we manufacture, who can match our enthusiasm and effort, and who are prepared to back their judgement with the resources and personal commitment required.

If you are looking for a distinctive business opportunity, handling our specialist products within your own exclusive territory, if you are self-motivated and have the necessary funds to invest, we believe our franchise would provide you with the opportunity to build a successful, profitable and enjoyable life-style business, in close partnership with ourselves.

Please let us know if you would like us to send you a copy of our prospectus”.

Jonathan Banister, Managing Director.