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Exporting Oakleaf Products

Over the years we have enjoyed sales from all over the world, and in all shapes and sizes!

In addition to the steady demand for our products in Japan, generated by our hard-working distributors in Aichi (Yamaso Co Ltd), and the increasing popularity of our traditional styles in Russia, developed by our colleagues in Moscow (Royal Interiors Ltd), the business handled by our licensees in Saudi Arabia (Pioneers Fiberglass Co Ltd, Riyadh), which manufactures both our own and a variety of local designs, serving the GCC and neighbouring countries exclusively, continues to grow.

We have had the privilege to supply and fit our products in palaces and embassies, and private homes spread far and wide, including Sydney, Australia; Izmir, Turkey; Palm Beach, Florida; Paris, France; New Delhi, India; Lugano, Italy; Moscow, Russia, and Hong Kong, China.

We are always happy to receive enquiries from overseas, no matter the size of the potential order, when we are able to offer 'remote' assistance with design, sampling, delivery, and if necessary, installation.

Confident in the unmatched quality of our products, and in the enormous choice on offer within our range, we are keen to introduce our products more effectively to the international market.

We should be delighted to receive contact from individuals or companies who are able to make the necessary investment, human and financial, to help us exploit the obvious potential and to share in the proceeds.

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